About us

One of the UK’s leading used van dealerships. With many vehicles in stock, we aim to always provide our customers with unbeatable service. Being considerate to our customers means offering the best used vans at affordable prices.

Bargaining and haggling are not in our blood. We already set prices of our vehicles low so you won’t even think about negotiating them. We are not in a push-up manner, trying to up-sell you anything, and we don’t charge any additional fees. With Port Van Sales, everything is transparent. It’s almost impossible not to find an attractive option among our pre-owned vans.

You can find us on AutoTrader.

About Port Van Sales

From the moment you set your foot in our dealership, our highly-professional, dedicated, and helpful team will help you sort through all the options. Through providing the above and beyond type of service, we earned the trust of our loyal customers who turned into a family.

Whether you are looking to buy a used vehicle, trade-in your old car or a van or sell it, we at Port Van Sales will help you make the best decision. Tight on the budget? Let us help you with your finance options and payment schedules.

Port Van Sales takes immense pride in setting standards for the UK van dealership market. We take our customers to complete peace of mind by providing them with extendable warranties. Make sure to double-check our selection of pre-used vehicles on Autotrader or visit our dealership. We would love to see you!